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The People’s Education Society is not merely to give education but to give education in such a manner as to promote intellectual, moral and social democrat. That is what modern India needs and that is what all well wishers of India must promote

The College was founded on 20 th June 1946 by the People’s Education Society of which the Late Bharat-Ratna Dr. B. R. AMBEDKAR (An Architect of Indian Constitution) M.A., Ph.D., D.Sc. (London), LL.D. (Columbia), D.Lit. (Osmania) Barat-Law, was the Chairman. The establishment of this college opened a new chapter in the history of higher education in State of Maharashtra, for the object of the Society in starting the institution was to cater to the educational needs of the ever growing population of this cosmopolitan city in general and to promote higher education among the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in particular.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had firm faith in Education being the only instrument of the upliftment of the downtrodden and the oppressed. He believed that academic excellence is, beyond doubt, the greatest equalizer.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar founded the People’s Education Society on 8 th July 1945. The society established its first educational institution, Siddharth College of Arts & Science on 20 th June, 1946. Thus, opened a new chapter in the Academic annuals of the University of Bombay. The commerce stream was opened in 1980. The College is housed in Buddha Bhavan, while its office is located in Anand Bhavan both of which are situated in the very heart of the Fort area in the city of Mumbai. The medium of instruction is English.
The College (Junior & Senior) conducts the teaching of F. Y J. C. to T. Y. Degree College in Arts, Science and Commerce Streams. The College also enrolls students for M.Sc. (Regular and by Research) & Ph.D. The lectures are held at Buddha Bhavan. The Administrative section is at Anand Bhavan. Special Classes & Tutorials are held for the benefit of the Students. Apart from the above the college also runs self-financing courses in B.Sc.(IT), B.A.F and B.M.S.


To speak knowledge through higher education among the down-trodden sections of the society, more the down-trodden section of the society, more particularly to SC, ST and other backward communities. To give education in such manner to promote intellectual, moral, and social democracy. This is what wanted in modern India as envisioned by the founder of this Institution and the great Son of India Bharat Ratna Bodhisativa Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar.
Siddharth College of Arts, Science and Commerce has a glorious history and rich heritage. It has immensely contributed to spreading quality higher education in the country and in particular in the state of Maharashtra. The College has exhibited the phenomenal strength of having produced luminaries in different walks of national life. Its educational environment is stimulating which ensures freedom of thinking and action as well as responsibility and honesty. The College is unique in imparting truly value-based education, which manifests in the multifarious extension activities aiming to enhance social welfare. The College has inculcated a research culture among the faculty. The interaction with the students bubbling with enthusiasm indicates the quality and openness of the academic and the administrative system provided to the students that would help them to face the challenges of life.
Dr. Ambedkar himself had seen how education kindles the ambers of self- esteem and evokes a sense of dignity among the downtrodden. He felt a deep compassion for all these youths on whom the doors of higher education were closed. Popularity of education was spewing out newly matriculated youths in large numbers and the-then existing day-colleges could not accommodate them. The dreamer dreamt of an institution where the students would hold their heads high and awake into the world of knowledge, prosperity and dignity.
In consonance with his high ideals and the concept of education as true means of achieving a new egalitarian social order Dr. Ambedkar named the College “Siddharth”. Initially classes were conducted in the morning in the barracks, meant for soldiers, at Marine Lines for nearly five years. In 1951 the College was then shifted to Fort area in the magnificent buildings named ‘Menkwa’ and ‘Albert’ later renamed as ‘Buddha Bhavan’ and ‘Anand Bhavan respectively.
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar had visualized this college as a model institution. The track of academic excellence was charted under the guidance of eminent teachers such as Dr. V.S. Patankar, Dr. H.R. Karnik, Padmashree Prof. Anant Kanekar, Prof. Madhu Dandavate, who later became the Finance Minister of India, Prof. T.A. Kamat, Prof. Apsangikar, Prof. Badant Shivli Bodhi and other eminent educators and scholars. Under their guidance many of our students have made it to the University merit list.
The colleges of the society have produced many illustrious students who have excelled in their respective careers. Shri M.C. Bhandare, Governor of Odisha is one of them. Hon’ble Justice Mr. P.B. Sawant, a Judge of the Supreme Court of India, Hon’ble Justice Mr. H.H. Kantharia, a Judge of the Bombay High Court, Shri Manohar Joshi, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Shri. N.M. Kamble, Shri Dadasaheb Rupawate and Shri Ramdas Athavale, who occupied ministerial positions in Maharashtra. Shri. B. Shankaranand, Smt. Margaret Alva and Shri Sayeed Ahmad became Ministers at the Centre. At present Shri Ramdas Athavale continues to hold a ministerial berth at the Centre for a second consecutive term.
The College cricket team has been an awesome force on the inter-collegiate scenes. It has given to Indian Cricket nearly 20-25 top-notch cricketers. Siddharth’s Cricketers have played in the Ranji Trophy at the State level. The Mumbai University team was more like Siddharth College team. Mr. Narayan Tamhane the world famous Wicket-Keeper, Mr. Dilip Sardesai-Batsman, Mr. Padmakar Shivkumar, Mr. Sunil Rege, Mr. Ramakant Keni, Mr. Sudhir Naik and Mr. Ramakant Desai were some of the brilliant cricketers selected by Shri. Prabhu Desai and coached by Shri. Dattu Phadkar.
It is also a matter of pride that Shri Sashikant Karnik, a student of our college and Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, a teacher of our Bombay colleges, became the Vice Chancellors of Mumbai University. The college provides quality education to the underprivileged sections by equipping the students with skills, confidence and a positive approach with an all-round development. The college is relentlessly continues to nurture and maintain academic excellence and at the same time encourages the students to participate in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
W.B Yeats had said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” The college strives to light this fire by creating an amicable environment in the premises for developing passion, resilience and leadership qualities among students for development of their versatile personalities. The college attempts to be extremely student-centric to enable the students to stand out in this increasingly competitive world. All contemporary means of education like audio-visual presentations. multi-media projectors, interactive discussions etc. are used to make learning pleasurable. With incessant support from the Principal and Management, the fire of learning will definitely burn bright and light up the path ahead so that Siddharthians continue to conquer newer horizons.